How To Repair Dry & Damaged Hair

1. Heat Styling

Heat during hair styling like straightening, curling or blow drying can open up the cuticle and make the hair porous. High temperatures are a sure shot cause of damaged hair.

If you have to style for an important event, what you can do is blow dry from a distance of about six inches and use a good heat protectant serum. Also, make sure you dry your hair partially with a soft cotton T-shirt before beginning to heat style your hair.

2. Bleaching

Bleaching is a process to turn hair a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color. The technique lies in dissolving the melanin pigment that gives hair its color. Bleaching can make the hair dry, brittle and rough. It can also remove the elasticity from hair.

To minimise further damage from bleaching, use sun protective gear (hats and caps) and moisturizing ingredients for your hair. Also, protect your hair from chlorinated water in the swimming pools. It can make your hair turn green and can strip off more moisture from the hair.

3. Chemical Dyes

Dying your hair to make a fashion statement comes with a price. The price is hair damage! Yes, the pigments in your hair dyes can suck out the moisture from your hair making them rough to touch. Dry hair is prone to split ends and breakage.

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