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We believe that beauty thrives in diversity and discovery.

Our purpose is to expand the way the world sees beauty by empowering the ExtraOrdinary in each of us.

The Inception

In the heart of a bustling city, a dream was born. (Full Name), a passionate connoisseur of beauty and fragrance, envisioned a haven where elegance and luxury merged effortlessly. With unwavering determination, she founded HERMOSA Cosmetics and Perfumes Boutique. The name "Hermosa," meaning "beautiful" in Spanish, perfectly encapsulated (Name) vision.

(Name) boutique became a sanctuary for those seeking the finest cosmetics and perfumes. The interior, adorned with crystal chandeliers and plush seating, exuded an air of sophistication. Every shelf and display was curated with meticulous care, showcasing an array of premium products from renowned brands to hidden gems.

One corner of the boutique was dedicated to the art of perfumery. (Name) believed that fragrances held the power to evoke memories, emotions, and even transform moods. Perfume consultants, trained by leading experts, guided customers through a sensory journey, helping them discover scents that resonated with their individuality.

Crafting Elegance

HERMOSA wasn't just a boutique; it was an experience. Regular beauty and fragrance workshops were held, inviting makeup artists, skincare specialists, and perfumers to share their knowledge. Customers left not only with products but with a newfound understanding of self-care and beauty rituals.

(Name) commitment to beauty extended beyond aesthetics. HERMOSA embraced sustainability, curating brands that aligned with eco-friendly practices. From cruelty-free cosmetics to refillable perfume bottles, the boutique aimed to make a positive impact on both customers and the environment.

The journey wasn't without its challenges. Economic fluctuations and market trends tested HERMOSA's resilience. However, (Name) unwavering passion and the loyalty of HERMOSA's clientele carried the boutique through even the toughest times.

Blooming Against All Odds 🌿

As the years rolled by, HERMOSA blossomed into a destination known not just for cosmetics and perfumes, but for its commitment to enhancing the lives of its customers. The boutique expanded its reach by launching an online platform, ensuring that the HERMOSA experience could be accessed by beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, HERMOSA Cosmetics and Perfumes Boutique stands as a testament to Emma Rodriguez's vision and dedication. It's a place where the world of beauty and fragrance converge, where individuals are empowered to embrace their uniqueness, and where the essence of elegance lingers in every corner. The story of HERMOSA continues, as a timeless legacy of beauty, passion, and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

Store locations

30 Tumanyan St, Yerevan 0001

34 Arshakunyats Ave, Yerevan Mall, Yerevan 0026, Armenia

2 Teryan St, Concept by Vremena Goda, Yerevan 0001, Armenia

🕙 11:00-21:00 - every day


Store locations

50 Komitas Ave, Yerevan 0051

40 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia

🕙 11:00-21:00 - every day

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